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What’s Happening in Esports

Image of two Rocket League cars racing to hit the soccer ball.

Why 2020 will be the Year of Rocket League

Rocket League will quickly become a top esport thanks to its accessibility. The game is brand safe and easy to understand for new audiences.

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Crowd cheering at Minneapolis CDL event

Three Takeaways from CDL Opening Weekend

Learn about YouTube as an esports platform. The US Military’s big bet on esports. The crossover appeal of Call of Duty with celebrities.

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High School Esports – The Next Frontier

Learn why high school esports are poised to be the next land grab in esports investment. Why high school esports matters and its challenges.

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Why Chicago Could Be the Next Esports Hub

KemperLesnik believes that Chicago will become the next American esports hub. With a prime location, technology and quality schools, Chicago is ready.

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The Top 3 Esports Trends of 2019

We cover the top three esports trends that shaped 2019 and what it means for businesses as we move into 2020 and the next decade.

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The Esports Ecosystem Part 6: Fans

As Millennials and Gen Z enter the workforce and become the biggest share of spending, brands have turned to esports to resonate with their target market.

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