We position brands in the growing popularity of esports. We produce esports events, connect sponsors with esports assets, consult with esports game developers and lead brand activation for esports sponsors. We have experience leading messaging and positioning strategies to drive mainstream media coverage. We execute social media campaigns, lead media event operations, media train players and casters and produce integrated content marketing programs.






What’s Happening in Esports

The Top 3 Esports Trends of 2019

We cover the top three esports trends that shaped 2019 and what it means for businesses as we move into 2020 and the next decade.

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The Esports Ecosystem Part 6: Fans

As Millennials and Gen Z enter the workforce and become the biggest share of spending, brands have turned to esports to resonate with their target market.

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The Esports Ecosystem Part 5: Game Developers

Game developers lead the charge in esports as not only the creators of their game, but also as the governing bodies of competitions.

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The Esports Ecosystem Part 4: Streamers

Streamers serve as tastemakers in the gaming community, serving as a lever for both promotio and retention for esports titles.

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The Esports Ecosystem Part 3: Esports Teams

Esports teams around the world are raising capital at a breakneck pace. Brands need to keep up with popular esports teams and who to sponsor in esports.

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The Esports Ecosystem Part 2: Competitions

Esports competitions drive fandom in the esports ecosystem. For brands, esports events are difficult – how do brand activate authentically in esports?

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