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What’s Happening in Esports

TSM Doublelift losing at Worlds

Esports Explained: Why North America Fails at Worlds

Despite large investments, North America fails at League of Legends on the global stage. Lack of infrastucture and talent pool are major culprits.

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Two Chicago esports players

Chicago Esports Spotlight: Kevin O’Brien, COO of GGLeagues

In this interview with Kevin O’Brien, we learn about his background and role at Chicago esports startup GGLeagues, which is building national leagues.

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Fall Guys and Among Us Explained

This article covers two of the hottest games on Twitch, Fall Guys and Among Us. We dig into what these games are and what it means for Twitch viewership. 

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Uconnect Esports Logo

How to Connect Brands to College Esports Programs

Uconnect Esports is a platform solution that lets brands connect with college esports programs. Uconnect empowers college esports.

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Boise State University Esports Student

Now More Than Ever, We Need College Esports

College esports offers a way for students to compete remotely. We all need something to rally behind, and college esports can make it happen.

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Doc Haskell Coaching on Stage

How to Start a College Esports Program

Interview with Doc Haskell, Head Coach of Esports at Boise State University. Learn how to build a college esports program at your school.

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