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An analysis of 2016 crises in terms of crisis response and communication

By Amy Littleton Three companies are still dealing with the fallout from the biggest crises in 2016: Volkswagen, with software in cars that showed inaccurately low emission levels; Samsung, with its explosive Galaxy Note 7 phones; and Wells Fargo, which opened millions of fake customer accounts....

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13 Best Things about Public Relations, Sports Marketing and Event Management

Friday the 13th brings many negative posts and superstitions, so we’re flipping the script and listing 13 awesome things about our jobs and the industry. We’re always ready for conversation, whether it’s insurance, basketball, travel or cyber hacks, we get to talk about it all We’re paid to...

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The New Media Multiplier

In today’s world of social media and the traditional media, coverage has a new multiplier to understand when measuring success. It used to be that circulation, impressions and ad value were important measures of the power of the press. Today, as journalists are required by their editors to post,...

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Facebook’s Pay for Reach Policy Will Kill Use of the Platform by B2B Companies

On March 20, Valleywag reported that Facebook is “in the process of slashing organic page reach” down to 1 or 2 percent. This means that companies that have, say, 1,000 “likes”, would only reach one person with their posts – without paying, of course. This change might be met with a shrug by big...

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A Lesson from Bill Moller on Public Speaking

How did Romney do it? The presidential debate this week is an excellent example of the power of presentation style. If you looked at the text…the written words of each speaker, it wouldn’t be all that clear which “won” the debate. But Romney was declared the victor because of the way he delivered...

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Talent 2.0: Finding and Hiring Using Social Media Like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

COMMPRO.BIZFebruary 9, 2011 Having hired many people over the course of my career, I can honestly say that social media has become one of my primary tools for research. Looking for a PR candidate? Share that on your LinkedIn profile. Seeking a job? Find out who is hiring, and learn about your...

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KemperLesnik Golf Awards

Golf in 2010 – Annual Awards As the 2010 golf season comes to an end – at least in Chicago that is – I would like to reflect upon an exciting year in the world of golf. For lack of a better and more creative term, let’s call this the “KemperLesnik Golf Awards.” Biggest PGA Tour Player Gaffe –...

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Chicago Heroes for Haiti: Organizing a fundraiser to benefit UNICEF

Recognizing the Cause The PR team of KemperLesnik was saddened and moved by the life-changing and life-taking earthquake that devastated Haiti on January 12. Although Chicago is 1,833 miles from Port-au-Prince, our hearts went out to the suffering. Nearly half of Haiti’s 10 million people are...

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Corporate Social Responsibility Needed Now More Than Ever

Recently, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck and decimated Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Devastating news coverage with heartbreaking images of the rubble and the wounded and horror stories of trapped victims continue to pour in, leaving the rest of the world wondering they...

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Thaddeus Woosley, Vice President, Deputy Head of Marketing U.S. Retail, Aon Risk Solutions

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Thaddeus Woosley, Vice President
Deputy Head of Marketing U.S. Retail, Aon Risk Solutions 

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