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As one of the world’s leading insurance brokers, Aon has a team of experts in nearly every industry. It is Aon’s challenge to remain top of mind to risk managers, building a trusted brand around its broad breadth of expertise. For more than 20 years, KemperLesnik has closely connected Aon to its clients and prospects through a holistic public relations program. We have utilized media relations, awards programs, speaking programs, executive positioning and social media to position Aon has a leading source and trusted expert in the risk and insurance industry.


  • Garnered hundreds of top-tier media placements for Aon, which has opened doors to new business opportunities for Aon
  • Secured Aon’s expertise on the front page of The WSJ, for the first time in the history of The WSJ
  • Aon expertise has been featured in every issue of Business Insurance, the leading risk & insurance industry trade publication
  • For eight years in a row, Aon dominated its industry’s top award competition - the Risk & Insurance Power Broker

Their Challenge

The rapidly changing face of today’s business environment combined with the exponential pace of technology change are converging to create a new reality for companies. With these new opportunities, comes an ever-changing risk profile for businesses. Aon must remain top of mind within the industry as well as with its clients and prospects for having cutting edge thought leadership.

Our Solution

Aon and KemperLesnik have partnered for more than 20 years. In that time, we have:

  • Consistently positioned Aon’s thought leaders among c-level executives via top-tier media results
  • Remained top of mind for risk managers and insurers by dominating trade media
  • Built the Aon brand and supported leaders in select local markets
  • Drove social media engagement
  • Dominated industry and select local market awards
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At the annual RIMS conference, thousands of peers, clients and prospects gather to discuss the top challenges in the risk and insurance industry. KemperLesnik successfully positions Aon as one of the top experts on a wide variety of cutting edge topics. KemperLesnik consistently maximizes exposure for Aon at RIMS by securing multiple speaking sessions each year, consistently holds the majority of the social media share of voice against Aon’s major competitors, and garners nearly 3 million media impressions each year.


“The KemperLesnik team is talented, responsive, detail-oriented and idea-driven. They are trusted partners we rely on to help communicate Aon’s breadth and expertise, and to make sure our share of voice is distinct and differentiated among our competitors.”

Thaddeus Woosley, Vice President
Deputy Head of Marketing U.S Retail
Aon Risk Solutions