We position brands in the growing popularity of esports. We produce esports events, connect sponsors with esports assets, consult with esports game developers and lead brand activation for esports sponsors. We have experience leading messaging and positioning strategies to drive mainstream media coverage. We execute social media campaigns, lead media event operations, media train players and casters and produce integrated content marketing programs.






What’s Happening in Esports

The Esports Ecosystem Part 1: Platforms

Streaming platforms like Twitch are at the heart of esports. The opportunity for brands lies in understanding where to find value and how it works.

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Twitch Strikes Back – Streamer Demand Grows

More tech giants are entering the market to rival the growth of Amazon backed Twitch. Google, Facebook and Microsoft look to esports for growth.

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The Value of Streamers to an Esport

Without streamers, an esport cannot survive. These recent numbers from Twitch prove why games need streamers to stay relevant.

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The Intersection of Esports Tournaments and Traditional Sports

See how Esports tournaments continue to present brands with opportunities to reach, engage, and create a relationship with a hard to reach audience.

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Esports Tournaments and the Fight Card System

See how the fight card system, popularized by professional wrestling, is changing how esports tournaments work — with insight from KemperLesnik.

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Three reasons PR and sports marketing can drive the esports industry

Taking lessons from traditional sports, PR and sports marketing practices can drive growth in the blooming esports industry.

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