What's happening in the industry, and how we see it

Sustainability is the hottest news topic around

From a BusinessWeek cover story asking readers to “Imagine a world in which eco-friendly and socially responsible practices actually help a company’s bottom line. It’s closer than you think.” (“Beyond the Green Corporation,”) to general discussion among business leaders, like the one facilitated...

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Endless possibilities

Our agency is putting renewed focus on its sports marketing and communications business. As a result, we face the awesome task of redefining what is possible in sports, looking primarily at sponsorships, hospitality, events and PR. This got me thinking, “How do people expand their perceptions of...

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Making the most out of tradeshows

Fall is tradeshow season, or “tradeshow hell” as one of our clients put it. It’s a time when communications, marketing and sales converge in one location. PR professionals are working to line up on-site media interviews and place speakers, marketing folks are figuring out how to get people who...

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Jim Calhoun, Head Coach of University of Connecticut on their 2010/11 Season

“When we started the Big East Tournament, some fans of ours were yelling to us from behind the bench, “Maui in Manhattan”. For the championship game, they even had lei’s around their necks… They put one around Kemba’s neck after the game. The start of our season was so fantastic with what we accomplished in Maui and we bookended it with last week’s accomplishment in New York. They are two memories that will last a lifetime for me and for our players.”

Jim Calhoun, Head Coach of University of Connecticut
on their 2010/11 Season

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